All of the music used on our website is performed by me, sometimes with the aid of other players who have volunteered their talents.  The video soundtracks are the fruit of sessions spent in my studio at times when most right-thinking people sleep.  The material is mostly original but there are occasional covers.  Here and there will be clips of me playing live in events we encounter on our travels.  One way or another it is impossible to traverse the nation in an RV and not encounter music. There it is in festivals, cafes, pubs, verandas, the street.  R&B, Alt Country, Tex-Mex, Zydeco, Blues.  The punch of horns, the shimmer of hammer dulcimers, the click of B3 keys, the slap of a double bass.  Big city, small burg, desert, bayou.  Over every rise in the road there is a station signal waiting to be picked up and a groove to fuel the next few miles of highway driving until the inevitable fade.   "Hey honey, you gotta wake up and listen to this".                                                                                                                                                                                                    

~ Glen

ON OUR VACATION - Glen Sherman

A song of mine recalling what it was like to be thrown in the back of the parents' station wagon with colouring books and snacks as we drove off down the I-5 on the family camping trip.  This was recorded live at the End Cafe in 2008, with the remarkable Doug Ross on key marimba and Shannon Thue on background vox.


My cover of the classic Grateful Dead homage to the highs and lows of the open road.  Recorded in my home studio as the soundtrack for our What Maggie Said preview.

DROP D GORGEOUS - Unknown Artist

This year we created "Velocity", a video compilation of scenes from various R2T and bike routes we have explored.  This acoustic guitar composition was created in my studio and serves as the soundtrack for Velocity. Three guesses what guitar tuning I used.

ROADWORK - Glen Sherman

A sample clip of the theme music which I recorded in my studio for the Roadwork video.   I came up with  a guitar riff that I hoped might capture both the routine and the periodic adrenaline rush as the driving miles melt away behind you.


A song about finding your way home.


In the summer of 2013,  we rode OR 242 west from Sisters through the Mckenzie Pass on our way to Eugene.  There is nothing like a mountain lava field to provoke a sense of longing.  What was i missing?  I had Tricia at the wheel, we had our RV and the open road...Oh yeah, I'm missing my instrument.  i had been without a guitar for about a year at that point.  i had no intention of buying one.  Then I walked into McKenzie River Music in Eugene and there it was.  Glen, meet your guitar.  I have had my Taylor GS8e ever since that fateful meeting.  It is aging better than me actually.  This clip captures a bit of the Taylor's outstanding tone. I call it McKenzie Pass Breakdown.