about us

The key turns in the ignition.  Everything that is not properly stowed begins to rattle.  We run through our checklist and buckle ourselves in.  Pedal down. 

Everything in this website is a record of our travel across the American landscape in a Class B Pleasureway TS Excel RV. Everything we see, everything we do.  Exploring, cooking, performing, quilting, biking, camping, staying and going. 

We are Glen & Tricia Sherman.  We are part-time RVers.  We store our RV at our last destination and fly home to family and work. But not for long. In a month or two we are back to take it on the next leg of the journey. 


Our gallery is a video and photo essay of the people and places that have crossed our lens.  Our media page contains compilations of video and audio from our journey.  Glen performs all the music you hear on the website.  Tricia maintains the blog page. This is not exclusively for travel buffs, RV geeks, quilters or musicians.  But if that happens to be you, there will be bits which may interest you.