This is us

March 28, 2018

“We bought an RV!”  That was how my journal began on February 6, 2014. We drove from Vancouver, British Columbia to a little park near Olympia, Washington. The second day’s entry began “Drove into a nightmare”.  Just south of Seattle, snow had begun to drift across the I5.  By the next morning the highways were almost impassable. And that was our introduction to what RVing is all about - you just never know what the day will bring.


Four years down the road I can almost say we are seasoned RVers. We’re not full-timers yet, or even long-timers  but we managed to have five good trips each year. We do things a little differently.  We own our RV, we don’t rent, but we also don’t do circle trips from home and back.  We travel the American patchwork of farmlands, parks, cities, and towns. When we are done each journey we put the RV in storage and fly home. Three months later we fly back, joyfully climb into the RV and take off again. In this way,  since 2014, we’ve managed to cover 25 states from coast to coast, and counting.


I lost my journal during the third trip that first year.  I didn’t find it again for another three years when I discovered it tucked into a bottom shelf in the RV. In those 3 years  I tried several times to keep new journals but somehow the original momentum was lost and I just relied on Glen’s travel log. He has been keeping a detailed log on routes, locations, events, weather, and maintenance to the vehicle. We also have an extensive photo and video collection to document our travels.


I wish we had decided to start our webpage and YouTube videos four years ago, but it never occurred to us at that time.  Each time we came home we discovered how difficult it was to answer the question from friends and co-workers: “So where have you guys been?”  -  “Oh you know...”  Then we would try to describe biking in red rock country, jamming with musicians in the desert, boondocking on farms, buying fresh food off the docks at Fort Myers or from Amish farms, touring West Virginia coal mines, hitting bluegrass festivals, touring the Atchafalaya swamp basin, walking the Appalachian trail, cycling Cape Cod and, and, and, and....After awhile, so many people told us we needed a webpage so they could follow us. 


We can’t go back and relive the past four year for you, but we will share our stories from time to time, as well as tell you more about ourselves.  We haven’t decided exactly how our videos will be presented or what format to follow, but as we have grown as RVers I have no doubt we will grow as youtubers. This is not a website with travel reviews, but you will see where we go, how we get there and what we find.  This is not a website about RV stuff.  But you will see how we accessorize and maintain our unit.  Comments and suggestion are greatly appreciated.


The best way to end this first blog is with a quote from my 2014 journal. This is how I felt walking up to the RV then and it is how I feel every time we start each trip. There are some things in life that never change.


“ It’s so right, being back in the RV. The walk across the storage lot is a walk towards freeing ourselves from worries and responsibilities. Opening the door and stepping in is stepping into the adventurous world we so love.”



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This is us

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